DA Newsletter #3

dA Baby v2020.8 Adds 8 New Widgets

DA Baby v2020.8 is now available on App Store. Here is what's new in this big update.


I initially launched two widgets in dA Baby alongside the iOS 14 release. But like many other developers, I was so inspired by how much people love widgets, and decided to add 8 new ones in this version.

These widgets bring timely, important, and helpful information right to your home screen. Here is a break down of each categories.

Single activity

The small single activity widget focuses on, well, a single activity's history. However, because you can configure which activity to focus and add multiple widgets, you can actually add all of them on your home screen, inside a stack or not.

Today's summary

The small today's summary widget is simple, it shows today's activity summary with their total count and amount.

Recent activities

The small recent activities widget shows a few recent activities, so you can keep on top of the routine, and remind yourself in case you forgot to log.

Quick actions

The small and large quick actions widgets include activity buttons with current or previous log information. Tap on the button quickly launches the view to log the new activity. It also comes with a few recent activities on the side. Of course, you can also configure each button's activity type.

Activity charts

The activity charts widget comes with all three size families. With the insightful daily charts right on your home screen, you can find out how your baby is growing. Personally, the medium size with two charts side by side is my favorite one among all the widgets because it's just beautiful.

Pattern charts

The pattern charts widget comes with the small and large sizes. You can choose to display only a sub set of activities. One example is to only show sleep sessions, so you can keep on top of your baby's sleep needs.

Other improvements

  • Daily charts now use bar charts by default. You can switch back to line chart if you fancy.

  • Daily charts now honor the units of measurement you have chosen.

  • Added icons to represent diaper types. Daily summary information now also includes diaper counts for each type.

  • Added a setting to configure the first day of week.

  • Improved the default color scheme.

  • Fixed a bug where the pumping amount might be incorrect in the summary view.

DA Baby is free in the App Store. Give it a try. Hope you and your little one(s) have a nice day ^_^